Bari Basic

Hello and Welcome to the Bari Basic HQ.

TLDR – if you are know nothing about programming, use this textbook, and become a basic web app programmer. kaboom!

If you are looking to join these classes and know more about this, just add me on Discord – Jay_HisManyHobbies#6392.

Longer Version, below.

Bari basic is my attempt at building and maintaining a full-on comprehensive learning textbook to self-learn the very basic of web programming.

As of now, it is made up of the following main components.

Textbook – I am writing/building an online textbook of my own, that contains a number of chapters on the web programming topics. You can see the textbook, online at this link.

If you are starting new, the textbook is the best place to start. It has everything organised and links all the contents with a nice chapter index, outline, linked content on YouTube, live classes, code on GitHub and CodePen. The Textbook is where everything comes together.

If you are not new, and returning, use the links below to reach specific parts of this training.

Live Classes – Every week, I conduct live classes on my Twitch Stream. The schedule of classes is also available on my twitch stream profile. You can find my profile here.

Recorded Videos – I am recording videos every week until all topics are exhausted and uploading it to my YouTube channel.

Working Code GitHub – I already have a ton of code that supports the text book and the videos and the live classes. The GitHub repository can be found here.

Working Code CodePen – I already have a ton of code that supports the text book and the videos and the live classes. The CodePen Collection can be found here.

As I type this (June 23rd 2020), the textbook is still evolving. Originally, I was supposed to build this whole thing up using a team of developers. But, my company got shutdown, and I decided to just build the whole thing myself.

So, this is now a one man effort. Every week, I spend as much time as I can. Building code, recording videos, conducting live classes, adding new chapters…just keep working until it becomes fully ready.

I will add more things to this HQ as time continues. As always, if you have any questions and comments, get in touch with me.