Playing CyberPunk 2077 – Day 1 [NSFW]

Pick Your Play Style

After a long, long wait of 7 plus years, and an additional 6 months while CD Projekt fixes some bugs, I finally began playing CyberPunk 2077 today. I needed a topic to talk about, and I have always wanted to write and journal a video game experience. Looks like, this might be the game I start with.

Please note: The game is rated “Mature” by ESRB. As such, these posts might contain uncensored screenshots from the game which are not kid friendly. Please check this link from ESRB website for more details.


Spoilers Ahead!

Character Customization

This game is an RPG – Role Playing Game. That means, you get to customize the look and feel of the character. The appearance of the gaming character is a big deal in most RPG games. However, in CyberPunk 2077, you don’t actually see your character during game play, due to the First Person View nature of the camera.

Originally, I was disappointed that the game is First Person. I still am, now that I am playing. I would have liked it if the game was 3rd person. The game really pushes its mature rating, right off the bat with full frontal nudity. You can even mix and match breasts with genitalia. The dangling member does indeed dangle, and pick a size as well!

Unfortunately for me, this specific character that I created ended up looking like a ghost.

this just looks creepy.

I later found out that, one reason she looked scarier than she was, was because of a graphical setting for mirrors. Still, I simply did not fell like continuing with this look.

So, I decided play through the game again. Restarting it. This time, I decided to let the auto character generator (similar to what you have on Sims 4) generate the character for me.

This is what it came up with. I tuned it to suit my design.

She looks a lot less scary. This is how she looks in the same mirror opening scene.

a lot less scary. This is V. On the top left corner, is Jackie, her best friend.

The game offers three different options of game play style. I decided to start off with the ‘Corpo’ game play style. You can see in the screenshot that she is in some swanky office, whilst dressed up in corporate clothing. She looks ‘corporate’.

As of now, I am guessing that, majority of the game will still play out the same irrespective of which starting point we choose. The game starts off with some sort of a high end conspiracy about to unravel. V, the character I play, is talking to Jackie. She is upset that some secret team she is part of, the cover of these agents, are blown. Some big leak, which is creating all sort of ripples across the Arasaka Corporation.

V, works for this guy, some big shot called ‘Jenkins’. When we meet him, he is busy remotely murdering the board of the European Space Agency. Just so that he can buy an extra week of time to manipulate some legislation related complications.

he looks devious. the body language design in this game is just awesome.

He works for his boss, Abernathy. She appears to the Big Bad. This guy is the dragon waiting to take over. Those are the vibes I get when I interacted with this guy. Right after he killed those European Space Agency, he was chided by Abernathy over a phone call.

So, he decides to do what any dragon in waiting does. Take out his own boss. That is what really kicks off the story. He gives V a data shard which has some info dump on Abernathy, and a huge wad of cash. Of course, V is a high ranking henchwoman for Jenkins. V has no choice but to go along with the plan to kill Abernathy. That means, talking to her best friend Jackie.

This is also when we finally get our first look at Night City. I got to say, I am very impressed. This really is a true spiritual sequel to Deus Ex.

Ending Note

V decides to pose Titanic style in front of her office issue Vehicle.

As I wrap up my first section of the game, I am excited.

After hearing so many bad things about this game, and having reduced my expectations about this game, I am pleasantly surprised. Of course, this is only the first hour of the game.

Next up, I am going to meet Jackie at Lizzie’s Bar. The adventure continues in the next chapter.